Bi-​Monthly Message:

Coming Home

Here on earth in a physical body, we have the opportunity to "come home".  We are privileged to keep choosing to inhabit a body until we have realized who we Are. When we experience One-ness with our body, emotions, mind, and soul, we have "come home".

Each time we embody, we learn more about who we are. Who are we really?  We are all Divine expressions, in many colors, shapes, and beautiful patterns. We are capable of immense creations. We are Unlimited Love.

How do we "come home"?

The journey is a commitment. It means being willing to embrace the shadow aspects of self and come to have compassion for them. The shadows were formed by "not enough love". Therefore, they need love to heal, to come out of the shadows and into the Light.

We need support for this heroic journey. If you're longing to be "home", speak this now to the Divine/Universe.

Your process has started. You will be guided to support. The way has opened.


                                                                                                                                       Susan Spensley   iqspirit©

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