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​  Susan Spensley,Intuitive Coach

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Bi-​Monthly Message:


We often hear others say, "This is truth or The truth", or "Find your truth".  Sciences proclaim finite truths, and then something new is discovered. Religions may proclaim, "This is the holy truth!".  A truth that people needed thousands of years ago may be different than needed truths now.  Both are profound forms of guidance, then and now. An outer truth may resonate, guide, or catalyze us. The challenge is to balance the outer truths with one's inner truths.  

Inner truths are found by being deeply honest with oneself; not always easy when we all have frailties or "shadow aspects".  We want to be "better than our frailties."  By denying those places in us, we do harm to ourselves. It is no different than denying ourselves food, elimination, or sleep. We deny so: we can feel better about ourselves, we don't want to "look" at our issues, we don't know what to do with the issues. Denial, like a huge boulder in the road, works to delay our moving forward into healing, needs being met, and our truth becoming apparent or felt. Denial gives us a detour, which we may want at times. It's all right to take a break if we're not ready for something. Taking a break consciously is not denial, but taking care of the self.

Every person has shadow aspects to personality or body...part of the human condition. Shadow parts need the light of love and acceptance in order to heal. Try choosing in this moment to allow more love and acceptance into your life.

Your truth will then be illuminated. You will be guided as the Divine has heard you.



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