"Live life as your unique self. Live from your inspiration and passion. Live from your divinity."              


​                 -Susan Spensley                                

​​​​​​Susan's book,  Into The Known, A Handbook for Change,  

is a compilation of intuitive guidance she channeled over  

10 year period. Chapters are: Trust, Self-Judgment and 

Energy, Grace, Spark of Desire, Love, Choice and

Results, Strength, All You Need is Love, Spiritual Pain,

Power, How Change Happens or Doesn't.  At each

chapter end is a meditation with additional awareness


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​  Susan Spensley,Intuitive Coach

Sometimes we need a guide to help us better access our inner self. In an intuitive coaching session, Susan may offer: the "bigger picture" of your life, useful techniques, your questions answered, being deeply heard, or validation/acknowledgment for all you are. Susan blends spirit (messages from guides & archangels), psychology, and intuitive wisdom, with over thirty years of experience. She reflects your truth, which helps you  trust yourself more.​

Susan has worked with people from every walk of life all over the world. Spiritual leaders, Tibetan lamas/Tulkus have accessed her abilities. Her psycho-therapy/spiritual coaching skills, open heartedness, and clear intuition, bring a distinct richness to her work.​If you are interested in scheduling a session or purchasing her book, Into the Known, please visit the contact page.

"There is divinity in each person. The divinity goes by many names, but it is the place where any problem has a solution." (p49)                 

                                              Into The Known