"One finds Susan's sessions resonate with that inner knowing; truth has been recognized. The sessions are done with love and gentleness."      -J. Randall

"My being made to feel comfortable and accepted unconditionally is the best part of the awakening process so far."    -K. Tengwald

​"Susan is authentic and radiant. She has facility and integrity beyond any person I have met as a spiritual teacher. I am thankful every day for the real change that she and the process she teaches have provided. She is a mid-wife birthing consciousness."    -Anna-Lena

"As an increasing skeptical former student of philosophy and religion, I was frankly surprised by Into The Known.

Ms. Spensley's spirituality fits well with other religious and philosophical systems, coherently bringing together the themes of personal responsibility, freedom, the journey of being human, fear, change, grace, and the Divine, and how they interplay. If your present belief system - or lack thereof - is not providing the answers/insights you're seeking...or even if you're satisfied with your spiritual progress so far...her book will, I believe, challenge you and add richness and new perspectives to the way you view yourself and the cosmos."   -Tom Pellinger

"Susan is one of those rare teachers who can inspire the novice or the advanced individual. Her level of understanding is so deep. Her integrity is unshakeable."   -Richard Holton

​An Intuitive Coaching session inspires your awakened nature.

It addresses care for your "whole being".

Susan blends spirit (messages from guides & archangels), psychology, and consciousness. After 40 years of doing this work, she still loves sharing these gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and feels called to do it. 

Having spent 15 yrs in an Embodied Awakened community, 

Susan realized her "wholeness". This consciousness is now transmitted through her work, adding clarity and richness.

Susan has worked with people all over the world: spiritual leaders, Tibetan Tulku lamas, professionals, artists, and many others. 

If your heart calls you to do a session, it is the right time.

​"It would be my honor to witness your journey and assist in your sacred passage and heart's callings."

Interested in a session or purchasing her book,

Into the Known, Please visit the Contact page.

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"There is divinity in each person. The divinity goes by many names, but it is the place where any problem has a solution." (p. 49)                 

                                              Into The Known

​​​​​​​​​​Susan's book,  Into The Known, A Handbook for Change,  

is a compilation of intuitive guidance she channeled over  

10 year period. Chapters are: Trust, Self-Judgment and 

Energy, Grace, Spark of Desire, Love, Choice and

Results, Strength, All You Need is Love, Spiritual Pain,

Power, How Change Happens or Doesn't.  At each

chapter end is a meditation with additional awareness


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​  Susan Spensley,Intuitive Coach

"Live life as your unique self. Live from your inspiration and passion. Live from your divinity."              


​               -Susan Spensley